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Our church is made up of various departments responsible for the day-to-day smooth running of the church. As a charity organisation we have lots of volunteering members who have attained key roles and responsibilities within their individual departments working in compliance with the Church’s doctrine, values and Government legislation.


This is the main arm of the church responsible for preparing weekly programmes and conducting worship services. They provide pastoral support to members of the church through interpretation of biblical scriptures as well as assist people in crisis. Our pastoral department is also responsible for officiating during special services such as confirmations, baptism, weddings, christening, ordinations, thanksgiving and funerals.


This is a regulatory arm of the church that works actively to support the church’s core values, mission and vision. The Admin department is responsible for the day to day operations of the church and monitoring the functionality of all the church department by dealing with budgets and bills, approval of projects and purchases, cash flow as well as ensuring the buildings belonging to the church are well maintained and secured. This department consist of a representative from all departments and bands of the church, so everyone is well represented.


This department is the face of the church responsible for both internal and external sharing of information. They are responsible for the management of the church’s website, newsletters, magazines, social media and all other publication and publicity matters. They ensure that all the major events and activities of the church are recorded, documented and saved in accordance with the church’s policies and Government legislation (GDPR). In addition, they are responsible for planning, developing and organising charity events for the needy in the community by work in partnership with the local authority and other charity organisations.


This is a vital department in the church responsible for the smooth operation of the church. They are responsible for a wide range of office tasks, from filing, answering phone calls to receiving and responding to church emails as well as directing enquiries to the right department. This department is responsible for maintaining church’s records such as information regarding baptism, marriages, confirmation etc in addition to this, the secretariat team is responsible for attending and taking minute of all the church’s meetings. They liaise with the publicity department in keeping all members and the public up to date with upcoming events and activities of the church. This department is also responsible for sending out church mails and they support in distributing church event calendar and ordering of stationaries when required.

Army Of Salvation

Army of Salvation is a well-disciplined, respectful, talented, organised, God fearing and established Church unit brigade that is internally organized like a military service. This army serves and works under the Cherubim & Seraphim Christian religion although it also extends to certain other areas of Christianity. It offers children and adults of all ages discipline and obedience, a sense of direction in religion and life, the ability to respect others and individuals of all ages, self-motivation and determination, an educational mentoring on how to pray, take bible reading and lessons, the ability to learn about God and how to be God fearing but professional in all our ways and serve God diligently. Their mission is to keep and uphold law and order within the Church and also outside be Church in all Church related affairs i.e. street parades, wake services, events etc.


This department is responsible for the overall cleaning, maintenance and security of the church building, its surroundings and content. They operate a strict maintenance register and equipment inspection. They are also responsible for the opening and closing of the church as well as granting access to contractors or any individual/individuals that have been pre-approved to use the church premises.


The transport department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the church van by ensuring that its documentation is up to date and reporting any issues to the leadership. This department is also responsible for making travel arrangements for members of the church with limited mobility and access to transport when required.


The catering department is responsible for organizing and preparing nutritious food for church meetings, anniversaries and all other approved events under strict food safety standard and hygiene. They ensure that the kitchen and all equipment are well maintained, clean and tidy always. They liaise with the health and safety department to ensure that all expired food items are discarded in a safe manner


Our welfare team is responsible for the overall welfare of church members and supporting the needy in the community. They organize home visits to members who are bereaved or sick as well as parents of new-born babies. They give curtesy calls to members who have been absent from church to ensure they are ok. They are also responsible for supporting families in crisis.


Our team of wardens are the first point of contact for visitors and first timers attending church functions and so they have the duty of creating a pleasant first impression by welcoming them warmly. They are responsible for the smooth organisation and running of all church services and event by ensuring everything needed is in place on time before the start of service/event. They work in conjunction with Army of Salvation to maintain order in church during an ongoing service or event.


Our financial team oversee the collection, counting and deposit of all contributions by the congregation as well as the secure storage of all financial transaction and documentation. This team works in conjunction with the church treasurer to ensure accurate accounting and prompt deposit of all collection to the church’s bank account. They are also responsible for timely payments to all our creditors and working closely with the church auditor for annual financial report.

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